Local wildlife

    You can see lots of wildlife walking along the coastal path or by taking one of the boat trips from New Quay or Aberaeron.

    Dolphins are present in the bay although not often seen at Cwmtydu. New Quay and Mwnt offer good viewing.

    Other places to see Seals are; 
    Cardigan Island Farm Park, Gwbert;  Birds Rock, near New Quay;  and off Ynys Lochtyn, near Llangrannog, and Ramsey Island.


    Choughs were once common. They are returning in numbers to the cliffs off the coast of Wales. After efforts to increase the local population they are now back breeding in Wales, and can be seen off the cliffs at Cwmtydu.

    Their call is unmistakable, they call out their name as they fly over.

    Red Kites are regularly seen overhead, along with Kestrals that use the cliffs to nest. Buzzards are also present and will sit on the telephone posts along the side of the river.

    Red Kites survived in Mid Wales after being wiped out across Scotland and England. They went down to a handful of birds and were down to 2 breeding females. With the efforts of landowners and watchers (including the Army), they have come back from the brink. 

    The Welsh gene pool is being strengthened following the re-introduction programme of Red Kites in England & Scotland.

    Peregrine Falcons are seen along the coast path.

    Walking the coastal paths you can see Gannets, Razorbills, Guillemots and Kittiwakes, but these are better viewed from any of the boat trips.

    Grey Heron and Cormorants are often seen fishing in the bay. The little birds you will see amongst the rocks and on the wall are Rock Pippits.